• April 17, 2015 [See details.)

      Piotr Fryzlewicz (LSE, UK), SHAH: SHape-Adaptive Haar wavelets for image denoising and classification.

      Balazs Kegl (LAL), Machine Learning in physics.

      Fred Ngole (CEA), PSFs field super-resolution and low dimensionality prior.

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  • May 23, 2014 [See details.)

      Yannick Mellier (IAP and CEA/IRFU/SAp), The Euclid Project. [pdf]

      François Lanusse (AIM), Sparsity based tools to map the invisible universe from weak lensing data.

      Erwan Le Pennec (CMAP), Non-supervised hyperspectral image segmentation, a conditional density approach.

  • Apr 11, 2014 [Check details.]
      Réza Ansari (LAL), Cosmology : from fundamental questions to computing challenges. [pdf]

      David Mary (Lagrange, Nice), Sparse models for image restoration in the perspective of the SKA. [pdf]

      Ben Wandelt (IAP), Probabilistic image reconstruction and power spectrum inference for radio interferometers. [pdf]

  • Feb 19, 2014 [See details.]
      V. Gligorov (CERN), Real time event selection at the LHC. [pdf]

      K. Weinberger (Washington University), Learning under test-time budgets

  • Nov, 29, 2013 [See details.]
      G. Peyré (CNRS/Ceremade), Low complexity regularization of inverse problems. [link]

      F. Krzakala (UPMC/ENS), Probabilistic approaches to compressed sensing. [pdf]

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